A process used by many manufacturers to defrost frozen raw materials ready for production. The traditional method is costly in terms of labour and wastage, including drip, and the process does not always give consistent temperatures. The alternative is to purchase, usually more expensive, fresh raw materials which may be subject to seasonality.

By using Microwave and Forced Air Up tempering we can guarantee consistency of temperature, reduced drip loss and much shorter lead times to support the ever-changing demand of the production process.

  • Microwave Up-tempering will rapidly take products from -18oC to-2oC in 3 minutes (product dependent). This service is ideal for all meats, fish, vegetables, fruit, dairy and bakery products. It will not only increase availability for the client but will often reduce the drip loss and wastage.
  • Forced Air Up-tempering – by substantially increasing the air velocity and controlling the air temperature this will quickly up-temper retail pack products that do not need the intensity of Microwave.

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